Dalvin Cook or Kareem Hunt

Just curious on everyone’s opinion between these guys. I want to rank Hunt higher but there’s something that draws me to Cook. This is coming from a PPR perspective.

hunt. he was still very good in PPR, getting over 50 catches. cook was on pace for 44. granted, thats extrapolating 4 games into 16 so that is almost for sure not where he would have ended up, he probably would have ended up in the 50s as well. but hunt has done it.he went a full season as a back you can rely on. he had a slump, but it wasnt like he disappeared and didnt get you points at all. it just wasnt what it was. hunt over cook until i see more from cook than a quarter season.

I’d like to say hunt but with Ware back healthy, that could pose a risk. Cook’s offense is much healthier also.

You say he didn’t disappear… but it was a solid 5 games in a row with mostly single digit points. And even that doesn’t sound as bad as it felt as an owner (owned him in both my leagues). I barely made playoffs because I was forced to play him every week. Luckily he showed up and I made it to the chip in both leagues (lost to Gurley in both) but I’m still weary… that being said, I’m able to pair him with M.Gordon in about 90% of 12 team mock drafts so if that happens in my league, then I’ll be happy hah.

How do you feel about drafting your first receiver in the 3rd round though? Im 12th pick, and seems like best receiver I can get 3rd round is cooper or DT. Which is gross for a wr1

everyone freaks out because it was a a 5 game stretch, and not 5 games throught the season. THATS what freaks people out. every player has slumps, or bad games. its what happens after that matters. and he picked it up. and thats still not disappearing. its disappointing after what you got used to. he really only dipped below the average points of a running back once last year. otherwise he was average to above average every other week during that stretch. so yes, disappointing. but he didnt disappear.

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I know exactly what you mean… I’ve been back and forth on that a lot… but what I do is look at my team… and I imagine what my roster looks like if one of my first 4 picks goes down. If I started Gordon, OBJ, DT, and say D.Guice… if Gordon went down I’d be done for the season. So I’ve settled into RB RB because you can always make later round WRs work and sometimes even land a gem. I’ve considered the fact that Howard or McKinnon can fall to the 3/4 turn but most of the time they don’t… and honestly if they did I wouldn’t be totally opposed to starting 3 RBs. You can grab guys like Hogan, Garcon, and Sanders at the 5/6 turn too… If my team started Gordon, Hunt, McKinnon, M.Jones, Sanders, and Hogan I’m pretty happy

I’m having a similar debate between cook and McKinnon. I think I’d lean Hunt in your scenario just because he is the proven RB and isn’t coming off a major injury. Although, I love Cooks offense and reports out of camp have said he looks incredible.

@jakemm55 i havent seen any mock were Guice makes it out of the 3rd and hes usually early-mid 3rd. This is for 12 team leagues though so if your talking 10 team i can see him in the 4th.

This is an excellent point. Every RB not in the top 4, and even sometimes those in the top 4 have some bust games where they score like 8-10 points. The fact that it happened to hunt in 4-5 games back to back is what has this whole thing overblown.

Lest we forget, that is the stretch where Reid decided to pull a fat walrus as he usually does and stopped feeding him the ball. As soon as he started getting his 20+ touches what happened? Hunt went right back to business dominating.

I rode Hunt on my way to 2 championships last year, both of which I faced Gurley and won. Hunt’s ceiling is insane. They love him on the goal line it’s not changing. Stop buying into all this BS about how hunt is going to lose work to Ware who is an inferior running back.

I only do 12 team mocks on ESPN and he very rarely if ever goes in the early 3rd… obviously ESPN mock drafts arent indicative of high stakes league adps… But the absolute only reason I could even see taking a rookie who, best case scenario, will lose almost all passing downs to one of the best and most established scat backs in the league (Chris Thompson) is if you started your team like AB and Devonte Adams or something like that… in that case yeah sure take a shot on a rookie who ‘should’ be the early down back… Personally, I’d go woth McKinnon or Howard in that spot but it isn’t my team.

I faced Gurley with Gordon and Hunt in both leagues and lost lol… I forget the rest of his roster in the one but I had Wilson and Graham who both shit on my face through playoffs… also had Keenan Allen and Michael Crabtree ruining my life… lost by like 4 points or some shit…

Ah yes I remember. Crabtree putting up a big goose egg crushing owners everywhere.

The other league I remember the guys team was stacked… Gurley, Kamara, Ertz, Fitz, Tyreek… I got smashed lol