Dalvin Cook or McKinnon?

Who has more upside in 1/2 ppr? Redraft

Cook. Not even close.

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their upside is the same. RB1. either through pure skill or through their situation, thats the upside. the chances of that happening may be different, but its still their upside. the real question you need to ask between the 2, is who has the safer floor? thats cook. as much as mckinnon is in a good spot, as much as shanny likes to use his pass catching backs, that doesnt matter. they paid him… but only if he performs. and he isnt locked into production. i think he gets it, but he isnt locked and loaded. cook is. cook will get 60% of that backfield, and thats the low side for him. he will be the pass catcher, and inbetween the 20s guy. he will get his work all over the field because thats what they drafted him to do. mckinnon still has to prove it.

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The Vikings chose to draft Cook rather than give McKinnon another shot at 3 down work, I’m sorry but Cook has the better upside. As was mentioned above, the situation in San Fran leaves the door open for Jerick to succeed, but just having the opportunity doesn’t mean a back turns into Emmitt Smith


i really like the way you put that. “leaves the door open to succeed.” im gonna steal that haha.

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Cook, for many reasons, my favorite being that the Vikings D is better and I think they will be playing with the lead more and therefore will run more than the 49ers who I feel still don’t have a great D.

Yep, Cook. McKinnon is a great receiving back, but Cook is good and he’s a three down back that will also get some goal line carries.

Allot of info on Mckinnon in this thread, take a peek if you need more dirt on him and his situation, may help you decide:

In standard we have Cook over J McKinnon. In half PPR, we have Cook over him. In Full PPR, not sure as he may have 80/90 catches. Both have tremendous upside in our books.

Cooks by so, so much. They shouldn’t be going within 30 picks of each other.

30 picks??? This is an foolish statement. Pump the Brakes

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Cooks should be a top 12 pick. McKinnon should bit be a top 40 pick. Yes.

In Half PPR? What are you on?

Film and stats, mostly.


Well picture J McKinnon into Hyde’s snaps last year. And than go back and look at the Falcon’s screen game and RBs passing involvement. That’ll make you reconsider. In a PPR he’s a top 25 player across all boards except @DFWB

I have McKinnon at 25 on my list, but his range of outcomes is incredibly wide. He could be RB1 or he could be ill suited for a heavy work load and dumped universally by week 6. That’s the thing about fantasy; being convinced of something doesn’t make it so… we’ve all whiffed before - but I’d be civil about it, everyone is here as part of the same community.

It won’t, actually. First off, Hyde is a much, much better player. Second, McKinnon has a multiyear history of his production going down as his touches go up. He just is not good. Third, I don’t think he’s going to get the same workload as Hyde and don’t think he could handle it physically even if he did. He isn’t DeVonta Freeman, or anything close to him, despite how much people want to squint and see similarities.

Give me basically any of the RBs going in the forth round ahead of him.

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I’ll just post this here again for those using the misconstrued argument that since hyde got 88 targets, McKinnon will do however much more:

Of the 88 targets that Hyde got, here is the splits with and without Jimmy G

Without Jimmy G: 73 targets, 11 games, 6.6 Targets per game
With Jimmy G: 15 targets, 5 games, 3 targets per game.

LESS THAN HALF of the targets per game when jimmy G is on the field. If you think about it, it makes complete sense. Before Jimmy G, the QB sucked balls and had zero ability to make downfield passes which is why he had to constantly dump it off the RB. With Jimmy G, who is actually a legit threat in the passing game, he does not have to check down as much.

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Exactly. Point Proven. Why you think Shanahan and Lynch brought in McKinnon. You may think it’s an experiment, but we will assume if Steve Slaton can have them #s, their new free agent signing shouldn’t have no issues. They paid McKinnon more and chose not to re sign Hyde. So you are questioning that and all previous history.

huh? This proves that they don’t need to do dump off passes when Jimmy G is playing cause he’s a competent QB to make real passes down field. Guess you’re just going to ignore all the facts to try and blindly support your argument despite all of the evidence suggesting otherwise. Cool.

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Look at Shanahan’s usage with the running backs in the passing game. You are totally numb and blind to his previous campaigns.