Dalvin Cook owner. Burkhead for Murray?

My roster. Can I trade Burkhead for Latavius? I hate to but waivers are picked clean. And hamstrings can be a persistent injury. Any other trades you see?

Is that trade already on the table? If so, take it.
If not, and I was the Murray owner, I would charge you more than Burkhead for you to have the comfort of a handcuff. Especially since he’s already been declared out.

It depends what the owner has & where they are weak at.
Maybe ride the hype of Cole?

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i would definitely do that, i dont trust burkhead at all.

So he came back at me with Amari for Corey Davis and Murray. Kinda tempted. What do you think?

I would do that.

Hes giving away Murray just for Amri? AND Corey Davis? Please take this now. That’s idiotic.

My only concern is that when Dalvin Cook comes back this trade becomes a lot closer to Cooper for Davis straight up

Cook’s injury could very well linger throughout most of the season, you never know. Latavius is a must-have for Cook owners.