Dalvin cook owner. NEED HELP

I’m a Dalvin cook owner who was leaning on him as my rb1. In a 10 man 2 flex full point PPR I’m in need of some help. I have Ajayi, Crowell. James White, Foreman, and Doug martin. My team was good with Cook but now is struggling. My wideouts are Julio, Odell, Rishard, Maclin, and Nelson. I need to reconstruct my team to turn this around. Should I trade away Julio and Odell? And if so who do I target to save my team? I’m planning on picking up kamara, Ellington, and Morris if possible. But aside from that what should I do?

Keep calm, Muscle hamster to the rescue. Him and ajayi will keep your rbs fine, don’t trade away elite wrs!

No concern about the dolphin’s offense being crap? Especially Ajayi’s past games not to mention risk injury? And the risk injury with julio/Odell is pretty scary. Definitely need to be talked off the ledge rn

team still looks strong to me.

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nope. This is standard ajayi. remember last year he was kind of like this, mediocre or low performing and then just boom 200+ yards. he wasnt even the starting back last year and didnt even travel with the team in game 1 or two when ever foster got hurt.

hmmm. alright. I’ll relax onf making trade moves for now