Dalvin Cook Temperature Check

How are people feeling on him?
Better times ahead or real concerns?

I know he was on a pitch count and not 100% last night but is he a victim of the opponents, gamescript and injuries so far or is he a potential bust that you have to hold for now?

I don’t think you can go off of last night since they were playing from behind for most of the game and the snap count. I’m not happy to play him but i think he is in a similar situation to kareem hunt’s. If you could somehow find a decent trade for him maybe. I plan on going after him after this week.


That’s fair and I agree I’m not really basing last night into it as you say - it wasn’t going to be his night even if he played every snap.

I’m hoping he does get going at some point, if I got an offer that’s worth it id trade but after three sub par outings I think I’ll hold and see what happens in a couple of weeks

Agree with @Huck

I wouldn’t judge his ROS value based off of tonight’s game vs the Rams…
If he stays healthy, he will be a solid RB1 and the bell cow running duties eventually…

Like Huck, I am also going to target and try to buy low on Cook in a trade this week wherever I can…


I am thinking of offering Jay Ajayi or mark ingram for him or kerryon

Ajai and maybe a mid tier receiver on your bench for Cook…
same with Johnson, group him with a mid tier receiver…
I doubt many people will take Ajai for Cook or Johnson for Cook straight up 1 for 1…
At least that is my opinion…

And as for Ingram…He comes back after this week and if he has the same role in the high powered New Orleans offense that he did last season I want in on that…I would be reluctant to give up Ingram if you have had him on your bench waiting the first 4 weeks…
Some have concerns on what his role will be when he comes back. I drafted him in a few leagues and betting on him filling out the same role he had last season and being stud RB once again…

Those are my hopes as well. ingram was for sure my last offer out of those 3 and i wouldn’t have felt good about the trade most likely.

Thanks for the input guys. On the trades as an owner i wouldn’t give him up for Ajayi given his current injury status and history. If someone offered me Ingram though straight up for Cook i would have a hard time not taking it right now. I have my concerns about Ingram and with the Saints D playing just awful football right now, the gamescript may not help him but he could be a better option than Cook ROS in my view.

As @ChargersFan says though if you held Ingram this long i’d stick with him, buying low on Cook is doable especially if he’s the RB2 for teams and they are in a hole after 4 weeks.

what do you guys think about Kerryon straight up? It does help that the cook owner has already tried to get mark ingram or kerryon off of me so far this season multiple times.

If you can get the Cook owner to agree then I’d do that trade for sure, might be worth if you can waiting to see what Kerryon does this week against the Cowboys. I mean he wont be worse than the 2 points that Cook got, but if the snaps and touches go his way vs Blount then I’d hold Kerryon as he’s trending to leading the backfield.

If he’s even or lower than Blount i can see this being a mess for quite a few more weeks so I’d get Cook while he’s at his cheapest. Personally i wouldn’t trade Cook for Kerryon right now straight up but if you have someone interested in Kerryon I’d play on that for sure

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Yea everything has gone bad for the guy so far this week. he started the rams d and cook and the guy he is playing started goff and cupp. lol So i assume he will be 1-3 after this week.

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I’m not a huge fan of Cook. The sample size is still too small for him. He only played like four games before getting hurt last year and he’s not looked all that great this year. I actually traded for him after week 1 (gave up Julio, who I also had concerns about) and then flipped Cook less than 24 hours later for Jordan Howard and Emmanuel Sanders in a .5 PPR. I was ecstatic to move Cook.