Dalvin Cook Trade? Am I paying too mcuh for 1 guy

Was trying to make a move for Dalvin Cook I offered G. Kittel (They have a severe need at TE started Eifert this week) Marlon Mack and Mecole Hardman, they responded with offer of D.Cook and three throwaway players for roster space (Corey Davis, Rivers, and Cobb) for Kittel Mack Hardman and Lindsay. not sure I like this trade after Lindsay’s 29 pt heavy usage performance this week and Hardman getting many deep balls. Do I accept team has been winning (2-1) but struggling to put up many points

My roster (10 man PPR 3 Keeper)

  • QB L. Jackson
  • HB C. Mccaffery
  • HB M. Mack
  • WR D. Adams
  • WR S. Watkins
  • TE G. Kittle
  • FLX D. Moore
  • P. Lindsay
  • K. Johnson
  • T. Williams
  • M. Hardman
  • R. Anderson
  • D. Waller
  • M. Sanders

I would seriously consider it. You’ve stacked your roster well. Obviously trading away depth can create problems if injuries occur, but end goal is the win the championship.

Post Trade you have McCaffrey and Cook at RB, which are both top 5 plays every week. Still have Waller at TE, who has been better than Kittle. Also still have Kerryon and Sanders on the bench in case of emergency. You would still be set up very well. Hardman is a nobody, and will be 5th receiving target on that team when Hill returns. I would almost assuredly stash Mattison if I did this trade.