Dalvin Cook trade for AB and Patterson!

I got an offer for my AB and Patterson for Dalvin Cook. I really think I should accept this lol but what are your thoughts?

12 team full par league.

My team:
QB: Dak
RB: Gibson, Kamara, Patterson, Damien Williams, James Connor, Carter
WR: Lamb, AB, Thielen, Mooney, Crowder
TE: Pitts

His team
QB: Mahomes
RB: Edmonds, Cook, Juszcyzk, Mike Davis
WR: Evans, AJ Brown, Marquise Brown, Juju, Beasley, Boyd

If you are getting Cook then of course.

lol yeah that’s what I’m thinking but would I be too slim at wr if that?

bumping up! :smiley:

Does Cook owner have Mattison too? I’d get him as a toss in if so.

@psychosem17 no sadly he doesn’t

For sure do that of you’re getting cook

he’s been trying to tell me to give him Connor as well.

So trade would be my AB, Patterson, Connor for Cook and AJ Brown

what are your thoughts on AJ Brown for ROS? Or should I try and get marquise brown instead of AJ?