Dalvin Cook Trade Update

10 man keeper league, full PPR, 3 WR, 2RB, 1 Flex, 1 QB; I love my team and won last year but I have a guy going hard for Cook. Rookie and FA draft

I give: Cook

I get: Gronk, 1.02, 1.05

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I would do that!

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I’d take that in a heartbeat. That’s solid value.

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I would also do that!

I have to add my 2.04 to the trade, does this change anything? I still have the 1.08

i dont do this trade. if he takes gronk out and puts something more reliable in, ill do it. although, getting penny and ROJO (my guesses of who you will take at 2 and 5) might be worth it alone. all the gronk talk, plus his injury history, AND it looks like bill and brady are feuding it out, even to the point where there is speculation that bill threw the superbowl (im not saying he did, but its gotten so bad that people think that) thats too much crazy for me to want gronk. before when it was just injuries, sure. cause when he wasnt hurt he was a game changer. just too much noise now.

Yea, I’d do this. The Gronk part of the Package is risky, but that along with the picks is a lot. I like Cook, but who knows what he’ll look like immediately following the injury

@BusterD If Penny and ROJO (I assume thats who I’ll get too) are close to being worth it alone, wouldn’t Gronk on top make it easily worth it?

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@DFWB I know I’m splitting hairs here but the guy I’m trading with is a good friend and he is who I beat in the championship last year; so, there is a lot of pressure lol.
Because of my roster, I wouldn’t be starting Cook or either rookie unless I have an injury.
Also, Cook plays the 49ers, GBP, and the Bills to open the season; any thought that his stock may be higher after opening the season against weak run Def? Also, since I wouldn’t be starting any of these guys anyways, does that mean I can take the risk at RB or should I refrain from handing my #1 competition a stud RB?

Honestly I would take that trade with out Gronk included. Those 2 picks with this RB class are worth it. Plus you get a few good games from Gronk on top of that. Just dont take penny at 2. that would be idiotic,