Damian Williams, Jamal williams or Elijah McGuire

Flex 1 in a 14 team standard league.

No doubt in my mind if i were in your shoes I would pick Damian Williams 10 times out of 10.

Yeah that’s not even up for debate. D will 100%. Good work on the waivers last week though

Jamal Williams for me has a slightly better much and the most work

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No Ty Montgomery and no Aaron Jones but I still dont trust any running back named Jamaal William’s. Good luck

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Damien William’s is on the best offense in the nfl and its gonna be a shootout. Look for him to hulk smash.

What is it about Jamal williams you don’t trust? I also find it hard to trust him. He only has 2 Touchdowns in the season. I don’t think being a workhorse will change anything Touchdown wise

I don’t trust his role in the offense. He should be an RB2 this week but no Spencer Ware…D William’s should post elite rb1 numbers

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Thanks guys. Played Damian last week and got 23 so probably should let it ride. I’m the heavy favorite so Probably can’t go wrong with either

D Will i think will be better

Damein Williams even if you have Tyreek and Mahommes? lol I have DJ, Cohen and Jamaal as well. Start 3 guys! PPR btw, I think Im going DJ, Cohen, D.Will. Im so scared to triple stack Cheifs in Seattle.

Dont be scuured. Get excited. That D is not scary

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