Damien Harris Outlook

What is your opinion of Damien Harris rest of the year? Looking at a trade for him, but I’m worried about the declining snap count the past 3 weeks. Does he get more work with James White’s injury?

I’ll bump this. Looks like James White is out for the rest of the season. Is JJ Taylor or Brandon Bolden worth picking up?

‪Would you trade Harris for Cordarrelle Patterson and Michael Thomas? .5 ppr 12 Team - I have Keenan, DK, Marvin and Bateman - Zeke, Sanders, Jamaal, Jeff Wilson (IR)‬

I think Harris will be volatile all season, but I still wouldn’t mind having him. I’ll still take him over players like Moss or Gaskin. White going out should only help him I think.

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I would trade Harris for Thomas if you can hold on until MT returns. He could be a league-winner. I just traded Hines for him straight-up after week 1 because the MT owner also has Saquon and needed RB depth.

I would trade Harris for Patterson if you think you really need to win the next 2 weeks, but I don’t see him being worth much after the bye. The Dolphins D is probably going to shut him down.

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I was just worried about rest of season - Bellichick is ruthless when it comes to the backfield and Mac Jones has been having a rough start.

This deal is

Give - Harris

Receive - Patterson and Thomas

Patterson is likely a Flex RB fill in for bye weeks

Thomas would be in my lineup with Keenan and DK - Zeke and Sanders

Hoping Jeff Wilson comes back healthy and can be relevant