Damien Harris/Rhamondre Stevenson

I’ve been paying close attention to the Ballers talking up Damien Harris, and I’m open to having him on my team. I haven’t landed him in any drafts because he’s there among those second-year wideouts I’m wanting. Now that my drafts are mostly complete and the Patriots have dropped Cam, I’m really starting to question the Harris love.

He definitely has opportunity. We can’t bank on injury. But definitely feel like we’re going to hear about an ankle injury for Harris by Week 3. He looks good right now, but he hasn’t delivered for a fantasy season yet. Frequent little injuries for Harris have kept him from realizing his potential. How does this not turn into Rhamondre’s job? I get it’s the Patriots. I get they spread it around. I get that it can be maddening. But they signed two big name TEs, running two TE sets. Rookie quarterback now with pocket-passing resume. Run game is set up to succeed in NE. If we look at Harris’ stats the past two years, he’s never blown up like Stevenson has. I’m feeling like I’d rather have Stevenson at the end of the draft than Harris in the middle of the draft. Thoughts?

Just feels like this is a situation where at the end of the season we’ll know we should have seen Stevenson coming.