Damien harris was dropped!faab?

How much faab (out of 200) would you drop on damien harris???half ppr.


I guess it would depend on what else I had at RB, but who drops a top 20 player? That could be season-changing for the team that got stiffed at RB in the draft.

So if you’re that team… I’d sure be thinking about it.

If you wouldn’t be starting/flexing him, then it’s probly not worth bidding what it would take to get him from the teams that would.

I’m good at rb
D Henderson
Aj dillon
I could use wrs,but having harris there is so tempting.im going with about 50.if I get him I get him.

Harris could very well be your RB2.

FUN FACT: Through the end of November last year, David Montgomery had 575 yards and 3 TDs.