Damien plus 1 for Mixon and Waller

We are in a 0.5PPR keeper league, being offered a package deal of Joe Mixon and Darren Waller (koo koo ka choo) in exchange for Damien Williams and one of our WRs. Right now we could offer Robby Anderson, Terry McLaurin as the ‘plus one’

Curious to know if people have thoughts on which WR (Anderson or McLaurin) to include in this package and if there is value here??


If you are the side getting Mixon and giving up McLaurin or Anderson with Damien I don’t think I’d make that trade you can define get a lot more on return, Joe Mixon might have the worst o-line in the league right now and is mostly a headache to have on your roster

Fair; to be clearer,

we give

Damien Williams and a WR

we get

Joe Mixon and Darren Waller

we currently have no TE as we were using Will Disly and he’s out for the season.

Does he have anyone else you can get instead of Mixon? What about another te cuz I feel like you can do better than that with those players you have

He also has Ertz but he said he will only let Ertz go if I give up Chubb.

Chase Edmonds
Damien Williams


His RBs are trash lol

Joe Mixon
Frank Gore
Darrel Henderson
Darrel Williams

and he has McCaffrey but I know that’s off limits

Yea his RB situation is bad, what about other teams are they willing to move a te and a better piece? Or even if you do a deal just for Waller? I’m just saying because I have Mixon ,who is awesome, in my league but his o-line limits what he can do and it’s hard to have confidence in playing him ever, so I’m not sure you want that headache. And if you do Damien Williams+McLaurin especially after McLaurin’s awesome week I’m sure you can get a better return