Damien Williams - Dynasty value and trade offer

What are your thoughts on Damien Williams in 2019? I know he got that contract extension, but it’s mostly incentive based which has me worried about the Chiefs willing to cut him easily. I’m thinking he should be legit if he keeps the starting role, he ended 2018 on fire.

I’m possibly looking to move him, I’m in need of a TE pretty badly. Here’s my roster:

QB: Newton, Mayfield, Alex Smith, Flacco, Foles, McCoy
RB: Gordon, Mixon, Damien Williams, White, McGuire, Ekeler, Dixon, Chris Thompson, Burkhead, Booker, Wilkins, Buck Allen, Boston Scott
WR: Adams, Hill, Hilton, Landry, Reynolds, Sherfield
TE: Walker, Brate, Seals Jones, Jonnu Smith
DST: Redskins

Here is the offer someone sent to me that I’m considering, let me know what you guys think.

Damien Williams
TY Hilton
Delanie Walker


Travis Kelce
Corey Davis
Ian Thomas
2020 2nd

i wouldnt trade kelce for that offer. the diference between him, ertz and the rest of the position is way more than what youll get out of that offer.

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I’d rather have the Kelce side

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@getmadboy would be trading away the specified players to get Kelce.

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@zach_pettengill @DS1 I’d be trading away the Hilton side and getting the Kelce side.

as a die hard chiefs fan i like the promise he shows, but id make this trade every day getting kelce and the upside of davis

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Do this trade. I dont believe in Damien Williams long term. I love Hilton, but I am more than happy to give him up for 2 great assets, a young solid flyer tight end and a second round pick.

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Do this. Get Kelce. You do not need Williams with your roster with many other players who could be the same guy on their team over the next few years.

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Trade was made! The deciding factor was my realizing Kelce has a guaranteed workload and will be a major piece in that offense for years to come. Hilton and Williams will be missed, but I decided that the top TE is invaluable in big roster dynasty formats. Thanks for all the responses! @zach_pettengill @DS1 @fun4willis @zdhaugen @octoberland


you made the right move, you dont take a step back at RB at all, huge upgrade at TE and i dont think youll miss hilton much at all with the potential of davis to break out this year as well.

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congratulations. it is a fairly balanced trade for sure, but i do think with your roster you are getting the edge here. and that 2020 should be pretty helpful. looks to be a better draft class than this year’s class.

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