Damien Williams for Corey Davis and 2020 2nd

Dynasty 1/2 PPR 3WR/2RB/1Flex/TE
The RBs are
Saquon Barkley, Lev Bell, Damien Williams, Lamar Miller, Yeldon, Hyde, Doud Martin, Ollison
WRs Are
Hopkins, AB, Edelman, Jeffrey, Robinson, Fuller, Callaway, David Moore, Deebo, Hurd, Isabella, KeeSean, Slayton.

Should I stick with Williams or cash in?

I really don’t like Davis that much. I think he’s on a team that will be held back by qb play. I think he’s going to be a bust

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That’s my main worry. I was thinking of counting with DJ Moore instead

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I’m putting more stock in Damien Williams than most here are. He is a 2nd year back, more familiar with the offense on a playoff caliber team with the best quarter back in the league. Yeah, I know I make it sound sweeter than yoohoo but those are cold hard facts.

Question: what rank is KCs offensive line? If its top 10 then I would hold onto him and reap the rewards


I think he probably is really good this season. But unless he puts up exceptional numbers may well be replaced next year which isn’t great for dynasty outlook.

I would probably hold this year and worry about next year next year if a contender. If outside the picture I’d want to get someone to go all in for a ransom

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I’d stick with Williams. You’re pretty set with both positions really, but I’m more worried about the drop off after Williams if you get rid of him.

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