Damien Williams for dalvin cook?

Since McCoy has landed in KC and is going to eat into Damien’s workload should I try to trade Damien away for possibly Dalvin Cook?

Shady might not be THE Guy at KC and Cook is a massive injury risk. If you are comfortable with the injury risk I’d go for Cook definitely. Depends what your RB depth is like I guess

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i can’t see the cook owner would do that!
damien is unsure after this season and the shady trade make things even worse!


I also have CMC, Michel, Miles Sanders, Royce Freeman. But I’m about to drop Freeman to pick up Seattle’s defense since they acquired Clowney.

Should you? Yes. Could you? I’m not so sure about that. If you are able to pull it off check around for mattison also

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Without hesitation that trade should be made. There is risk for injury and shady will def get touches. Kc offense is explosive which vikings don’t have all the weapons but cook is the work horse when healthy and has top 5 rb talent. But the cook owner may not do that.

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