Damien Williams for Melvin Gordon

So I’m in a psuedo keeper 8-team league (we can keep guys from last year 2 spot above where they were taken).

My keepers:

RB - Connor, Chubb, D. Williams, Sony Michel
WR - Juju, Devante Adams
TE - Ertz

I like my team a lot but of course its 8 team, so everyone is going to be good. Is it worth it trading D. Williams for Melvin Gordon? I figure even if Gordon doesn’t play until week 10 at worst, he could take over for Chubb when Kareem Hunt comes back? I feel even without Gordon for the beginning of the season I start out strong regardless. What do you guys think?

With your RB’s I would take Gordon. Williams possibly a bigger RBC than originally thought.

AT worst Gordon holds out that long, and even then you’ll have him for 6 games and playoffs… when he plays hes top 5 rb. See if you can do that trade and get a flex rb or later draft pick rnd 7ish… then you can combo sony and that player for a trade

And you have Chubb and connor to hold it down. Id try to tade sony too.