Damien Williams just got extended-paid. Fade Ware this week?

Williams just got a 2 year extension from K.C. for 2 years at over 4 mil per year. Roughly 8 times what they were paying Hunt and about 25% more than what Ware is being paid as a veteran.

Ware looks like he is going to be back in some form this week.

It’s a great match up but as a Ware owner what do I do?

I am asking myself the same thing. Numbers dont lie and Damien Williams is really putting up productive numbers as a starter. Spencer ware has also gave us some solid weeks but it seems that he doesnt have a ceiling as high as williams.
I also take into account that kansas city running backs always put up good numbers as well. I would go with whoever the starter is. Im hoping the start is going to be Williams, I beileve he will give us more fantasy points as a start then Ware would.