Damien Williams League Winner

So turns out this guy ended up being a league winner for many!

In his last 2 games which were the semi finals and finals for most leagues this guy rushed for 152 yards (6.6 YPC) and 2 touchdowns, while also catching 13 receptions on 13 targets for 111 yards(8.5 YPR) as well as a reception touchdown.

CMC, who had a career year rushed for 154 yards(4.3 YPC) and threw in 20 receptions for 144 yards yards(7.2 YPR) w/ zero total touchdowns over the past two weeks.

I just want to know if Jason Moore has recanted his “terrible player” accusations yet?!

Obv there are variables here like the Chiefs being a great offensive team and a small sample size but a talent-less terrible player!? I can’t even imagine what Jason’s evaluation would be with the likes of Trent Richardson or JaMarcus Russel sheesh!


Salty 3rd place finisher who went 12-1 during regular season, benched Damien Williams in the semis losing by .5 points but would have won the finals by 42 points with Damien “League Winner” Williams aka terrible talent-less player in my lineup!


Yeah, I picked up D Will in week 16 when I didn’t feel that I could count on Gurley. Williams didn’t get me the TITLE, but he got me 25 PPR pts. Unfortunately just wasn’t enough against my opponent.

I think D Will is DEFINITELY gonna be one to watch this next year, and I’m thinking that Jason prob was going on the stats back before Hunt got ousted. Cuz…actually…D Will didn’t get much chance to “show his stuff” til Hunt was gone.

IDK…just some thoughts here. :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:


NICE!! I too won a title by acquireing D Will late and starting him weeks15 & 16!! Also had CMC, Kamara, and Thielen… that helped.

I gotta give a special shout out to Doug Baldwin too, took a chance and started him week 16 and he came up huge after what was an otherwise down year for him.

And I think you’re right @llc, we still don’t have a huge sample size for Williams, so maybe a little premature to make a judgement on him just yet…

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