Damien Williams or Chris Godwin: 5th Round

In a 12-person PPR Mock Draft - I drafted 2nd:

I took CMC, Keenan Allen, Chubb, Chris Carson.

Round 5: Choosing between Damien Williams or Chris Godwin?

Do I take Williams and have four strong running backs (trade bait?) or Godwin for a WR2?

Side Note: I was also able to snag Dede and Robbie Anderson.

Generally you don’t want to be drafting for trades, if that helps you make a decision.

I’m taking Godwin with those 3 Rbs, the upside really is tremendous even as his ADP rises I think he will outperform it.

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I much prefer Chris Godwin over Damien Williams.

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Give me Dame Williams. In Redraft, you can never have enough RBs. Can easily flip Dame for Godwin + in season. Also have Dame at a late 2nd/3rd round ADP.

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I don’t believe you can flip Williams for Godwin(+) now. Does your comment assume a breakout in week 1/2/etc?

Take Godwin. You have really good RB’s and probably should go for a balanced approach considering your WR1 has an injury plaqued past.

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Godwin for me. Not sure your roster settings but you’d probably have to bench one of those RBs assuming they all stay healthy.

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I was assuming this was redraft. Is this actually dynasty? If it’s dynasty then totally diff but in redraft, Williams has ADP at end of 2nd / beg of 3rd. Godwin more than a full round later. So I’d rather grab Dame Williams who I think will be a fringe RB1/2 and if anything can trade for Godwin later.

I’d personally go Godwin! That’s going to be one pass happy offense and you can really anchor your wide receivers for the season if Godwin breaks out!

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I’d go Godwin for the strong WR2. You’re good on RB to start

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I’d take Damien Williams over Chris Godwin anyday. I’m just surprised you have these options in your mock drafts. All the 12 teams mock drafts I’ve done in the past week or so has Chubb as a late 1st rounder and Damien Williams around the middle of round 2. I haven’t seen them available anywhere near the round 3 and round 5 that you mention. Even Carson in the 4th is a steal.

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Thanks for the responses everyone!

Agreed - I was drafting on ESPN, and everyone was taking WRs. They also have Damien Williams stated out as RB 25, which I think is way too low.

Thank you! I appreciate the response!