Damien Williams OR Marlon Mack

So I’m in a 10 team standard keeper league and this year I’m debating on either D. Williams or M Mack as my 9th round keeper this season. They seem to have pretty similar ADP depending on what site you look at but would appreciate your input. Thanks!

Mack scares me less in terms of the unknown, but he’s far less likely to be used in the passing game.

Williams being in that KC offense makes me lean towards him… he was excellent when asked to start last year, and was great right through the playoffs.

I’d say Williams, but Mack is excellent there too.

I would keep Mack, even if he’s work load may be less then Williams at the start of the season. But for the all season long, you’ll have an Rb1 or 2 locked as the numero uno of his team. For Me Williams doesn’t have his spot secure for the all season…

I was right there with you until I really looked at how he performed in that offense:

123 total yards, 6 receptions, 2 TD
140 total yards, 7 receptions, 1 TD
59 yards, 1 TD (final game they were up and pulled starters)
154 total yards, 5 Receptions, 1 TD
99 Total yards, 5 Receptions, 3 RD

He was efficient (the only game he had fewer than 4 yards per carry was against New England in the AFC Championship game, and even Mahomes struggled for some reason at times in that game) and was targeted over 6 times per game during that stretch (and was pretty good in the passing game as well).

Carlos Hyde was hyped in Cleveland before moving to Jacksonville, but he was plodding to fewer than 4 ypc and aside from the one outlier season where he had 80+ targets in San Fran, he hasn’t been a steady contributor in the passing game.

I like Williams this year.

EDIT: This doesn’t change that I ALSO like Mack this year.

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Clearly i like Williams for this season and i’m a little bit less sure after your research… But for me, Mack is locked and loaded for the whole season !!! The Colts, Luck, Mack and TY will have a great season (not a Colts fan at all) !!!

Hilton is one of my every-draft targets this year… It’s funny… Luck is being ranked in the top 3 at the QB position but people are still down on Hilton as a possible top 5 receiver… who do they think Luck is going to throw all those passes to? Eric Ebron? HAHA Hilton is gonna have a monster year.

This is just like Mahomes getting all this love but everyone ignoring that Hill was his big gun last year. Mack will be excellent for sure, but it’s Hilton who’s the real value I think

Williams for the upside for 9th round pick makes it easy

I wasn’t a big Mack fan, but I am now. Avg’d 75 yards/gm last season, killed it in the playoffs. I think the Chiefs offense takes a (big) step back this season, they almost have to regress, even somewhat. Doubtful Mahomes sniffs 35-37 TDs.
But there’s reason to believe that the 2019 NFL MVP will be Andrew Luck. They appear to be ready to open the passing game even more than in previous seasons. They have a good O-line, and Mack is the rl deal at RB. DW is good, but didn’t he Chiefs lose their starting C from last season ? Hard to replace the people that they’ve lost. Tougher schedule for KC , right?

Williams for me. I think Reid is more of a workhouse RB coach than Reich who I think will use Hines as his pass catching RB.