Damien Williams Outlook

I drafted Mixon and Williams as my RBs. Mixon should be good even with the Bengals Oline.

How will Williams be? I know the Chiefs offense should keep him scoring points but do the other RBs pose a threat?

Any RBs I should target in trades? I’m thinking Devonta Freeman might be a good target

This is a 12 team Half PPR league


chiefs fan here, i think so long as he stays healthy its his backfield all year. now i know that sounds obvious, but if he has some bad weeks, or gets a nagging injury, even one that wouldnt keep him out for more than a week, i think he loses his spot pretty quick. and not to hyde either. im actually not sure he even makes the team come 53 time. but by either the rookie darwin, or his twin, the other williams. damien is great in the system, and filled in fantastically. but i am not banking on him, and i dont even think this coaching staff is. so he is risky to me. but could pay off highly.

Should I hold on to him or trade him away? Any other good RBs to target in trade

My team :
Qb- Luck
RBs - Mixon, Williams, Cohen, Darwin
Wrs - Julio, Edelman, Mike Williams, Robby Anderson, Tate, Tyrell Williams
TE - Delaine Walker

Having Darwin, I dont know if I would trade him away. If he does fail, you have one of the guys that will replace him. If he doesnt fail, you dont have much depth. Now obviously everyone is for sale so for the right price I would move him.

As for who to target, that’s far too broad of a question. To answer that I would have to know your whole league, the players tendencies, stuff like that. I will say there are some players I like that should come cheaper like a mark ingram, Royce Freeman, or rashaad penny.

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