Damien Williams over A Jones/DJ?

Am I crazy to bench one of these studs for Williams, assuming Ware is out? I have to play 3 RBs, and I also have Saquon. Which 2 of these 3 would you play in a Full PPR?

same situation with Williams and jones. I’m leaning jones even though the matchup isn’t great at all. Williams might split with the other Williams and west.

I just heard Johnson got injured in practice…

News says he’s still expected to play, but the Cardinals have been awful lately. I’m worried about Jones’ matchup as well. I could always bench them both and start Williams and Dixon…

I’m in this same boat, but standard league.

Saquan is locked in obviously and I have to trust DJ one more week, at least, but it hurts to think of benching Jones when he’s been so consistent.

I have Michel (nope), Dixon, and Damien Williams on my bench currently. It’s hard to resist the points that KC might put up and not want a piece of it.

Anyone have any idea why Jones was a ghost in the first half of last week’s game?

Reid is gonna use a committee. I wouldn’t start William’s over either of them