Damien Williams trade advice

I drafted Damien Williams in the 4th of a 12 man .5ppr dynasty startup. BEFORE the McCoy news! So I still got ok value but what do i do? I’m strong with RB without him (Conner, Carson, Duke & Ekeler plus some bench fodder waiting for injuries to happen) I’m weak at WR after Thomas I have Curtis Samuel and Geronimo Alisson, Crowder, D.Jax…
What do I do? Hold Williams or try and trade him maybe using draft picks too?

Hold and see what you have. Maybe not that much but the chance for him to blow up this season is rather high. Plus McCoy is rather old.

Thanks for the advice. What if I can get a Tyler Lockett?

If you can get Lockett take that deal.

Williams stock will be up after week 1. I think he runs a great game.

Questions ROS but he’s not a terrible end of bench stash while you see how it shakes out. But Lockett will have a year too.

Any league mates holding Shady or Thompson? Offer Williams to them for a decent WR.