Damien Williams - waiver advice

Williams inexplicably hit waivers in my league (12 team full PPR) this week. Assuming he isn’t banged up long term, he’s a must add imo. My dilemma is who to drop. My team is:


Singletary (picked up off waivers)
Gordon (picked up off waivers)

DJ Moore
Josh Gordon
AJ Green (picked up off waivers)


Who out of those would you drop? I don’t want to drop any of the WRs so it’s between Coleman and Singletary. I’m currently thinking Coleman but I’m worried all my bench options will be injured or holding out if I keep stashing these players.

Are you stashing an extra defense?
I think Coleman will still be a big play and singletary will eventually be the guy. If singletary comes back too soon he might not do much his rookie year and have the lingering hamstring for weeks to come.
Green has been hurt the last few years not sure how much he will do, he is a big name. Didn’t seems like Kyle allen likes passing to DJ Moore with just two targets though it’s a small sample.

If you don’t have a second defense I would drop Hooper. You could stream TE week 6 on the Raiders bye. I’d target Herndon for that week assuming he isn’t already owned.

hooper for sure

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I would try to trade Hooper in a twofer to a TE hungry team as he has a higher value right now if I were you instead of just outright dropping him. Then you’re free and clear to pick up Williams.

So we’re all in agreement that Damien is a must pick up if he hits waivers? He just got dropped in my league for Thompson. That backfield looks like it could be a question mark each week which scares me. My drop candidates are Duke Johnson, Justin Jackson or Jarvis Landry. Also a PPR league.