Damien Williams

What happens to this guy? I can’t believe he is not being talked about more. Potential 2000 yard 15 TD guy or JAG in a 3 headed RBBC. Where do others see this heading ?

2000 yard 15 TD? If you hit the lottery I guess. Even hunt didn’t get that and williams has zero talent and has never played a full season averaging more than double digit carries.

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I think he’s being talked about a lot. If he keeps the starting job he should do really well. Too much of a gamble for me at his current draft position.

Idk about Williams. I think he was a product of the program. When Hunt departed, defenses schemed for the pass and let Williams go. He was facing at most 5 man boxes, plus they signed Hyde right away. I definitely don’t see 2000yds and 15tds out of him.