Damn Kicker Question

Have Butker on Bye next week

Don’t like having 2 Kickers

Not sure his rank this year but he has been ok but not crazy great.

OK to drop ?

I’m in the same boat… unless I want to drop deebo or reagor (which I don’t) I’ll have to drop butker

Koo, Tucker, Sanders, Lutz, and Carlson are the top kickers (all at least at 70 pts), based on league scoring format of course.

Imho, unless you have one of them, Ks are streamable. Butker is a holdable K as well.

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Just hate grabbing another kicker when could be using the spot for an RB or WR.

I agree.

Dropping Butker for a K streamer is acceptable, to me anyway. He unfortunately suffers from KC constantly scoring TDs.

As I said, unless you have the 5 I named earlier, Ks are streamable.


Yeah will look to drop this week.

Have to figure out some good replacements