Damnien Williams Terrible Player?

Did anyone else bench Damien Williams because Jason Moore is constantly trashing the guy talking about what a TERRIBLE FOOTBALL player he is!?

I hadn’t seen him play much but just figured from the hate I was hearing on the podcast that the guy must have a similar skill set to a fat Eddie Lacey but turns out the dude runs a 4.45 forty, has great hands out of the backfield, has power to truck linebackers/break tackles and is great finding pay dirt in the redzone…

Maybe it was a sign that Corey Davis who I subbed in at my flex instead of Williams is destined to put up huge numbers this weekend!?

Love the podcast and just giving Jason a hard time. Good luck everyone looking to advance to the Superbowl this weekend! My Mahomes/Tyreek stack got me in a little predicament but there are many games left to play!

:raising_hand_man: I def sat him. At the same time, I don’t think I would have flexed him over Aaron Jones or David Johnson.

I have Keenan Allen so I have a lovely goose egg and 27 points in my bench. I’m in a dark place.

Ughh sorry to hear that bro. Really really sucks what happened to Keenan especially considering this matchup was so juicy for him.

Damien ran really well I thought. He was explosive, strong, and he made outstanding plays. He looked a tad bit better than Ware has been imo.

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Yeah man I did the same thing, didn’t pickup and play Williams mostly due to what Jason had been saying. Not only Jason, but so many other “analysts” got him wrong cuz he looked great last night. My opponent of course picked him up and played him against me, while I played Mahomes and Jackson, so things didn’t go as I planned.

I would suggest that the analysts did not get it wrong. The outcome was just different than expected.

Analysts don’t predict the future. They simply provide the most likely outcome.

Williams is bad - based on talent. And his expectation should not have been anything different - based on talent. The only reason to play Williams was opportunity.

They most definitely got it wrong. They suggested he wasn’t very talented AND that he’d split the work with the other backs. He seemed to have plenty of talent and barely split the work. They got it wrong. Agreed on the opportunity part of it.

If Devontae Booker scored 35+ fantasy points this weekend would you suggest that analysts have been wrong all year? Would you suggest that he is ‘now’ talented?

I would not.

(Friendly debate. Not intended as argumentative.)

I’d have to disagree with that statement because it’s not like he looked really bad and just stumbled into the endzone twice randomly.

He looked explosive, had burst, had hands and didn’t drop passes while also having power to break tackles and get into the endzone.

Maybe he isn’t the most talented player but to say someone is talentless and terrible at football is a very strong statement in my opinion that did not reflect at at with what I saw with his skill set.

It’s not like the guy was slow, out of shape and just getting huge gaping holes to essentially fall into 4-5 yard gain.

I’m not and cannot disagree with what Damien did on the field last night. He played great.

I’m suggesting that it was not the expected outcome. It was the actual outcome.

Yeah I hear ya, I don’t think too many people expected the outcome to be what actually happened.

I just think the “talentless” and “terrible” were thrown around wayyyy too lightly. I blame myself for not doing enough research on the guy. I honestly just figured he was out of shape, frail, slow, no muscle, no hands, no power, no burst etc.

Also it’s not like his opportunity was amazing by any means. Granted any RB on the Chiefs is automatically slotted to be in a good position but I feel like Williams made the most of his opportunity.

Only had 10 carries in which he averaged 5 yards a carry and also caught all 6 of his targets averaging 12 yards per catch.

I honestly had to go back and look at his combine stats to see what is going on here and I was pretty shocked with what was on there.

** Layered with muscle and looks the part. Is quick-footed – can sidestep the first tackler and run through some arm tackles. Very good hands. Fine balance and body control. Catches the ball cleanly outside his frame and is nifty-footed to juke linebackers in the open field after the catch, displaying some creativity.**

Ran a 4.45 forty, “layered with muscle and looks the part”, “very good hands”

Honestly if all I knew was some guy who was shredded with muscle, ran a 4.45 forty and had “very good hands” was stepping into the role as the Chiefs running back it would have been an insta start.

Maybe this was just a one game anomaly who knows. Stats aside, the eye test to me looked like a guy who was most certainty talented contrary to the talent-less and terrible that was thrown around. If the statement was “he is not very good” then I 100% could understand.

But talent-less and terrible!? That’s a pretty strong accusation in my opinion.

Also just read this on his combine notes and it makes me sad;

Is best running outside in a spread offense that features wide running lanes and could bring the most value to a team as a pass catcher in a change-of-pace role.

He wouldve hit around his projected 13 points if it wasnt for a few bs calls and some td dependent goal line carries

I started him anyway

I read the draft profile too. You have left out the other part:


Very average vision and feel to anticipate creases. Runs with blinders and misses holes. Not explosive to and through the hole. Lacks strength, power and drive to run inside and grind out tough yardage. Overwhelmed in pass protection – needs to learn how to sit to anchor and use his hands. Still has some JUCO habits and could learn to compete more consistently.

I’m out. Don’t want to spend any more time discussing this player. I was only in on the debate about the process.


Yeah for sure. My point isn’t even about fantasy points/production.

I am simply confused how someone was called terrible and talent-less because he looked fast, powerful and had great hands. Like I said Jason could have said he’s just not very good but he literally went on and on to make it a point that he had no talent and was terrible.

I’d argue that athleticism alone would negate the talentless/terrible portrayal.

I think the next very interesting question will be, what happens to the RB situation in KC next week if both Ware and Damien Williams are healthy?
I have Ware but didn’t have the waiver priority to pick up Williams…I also have Hunt…oh what a world this fantasy football is…

That’s not the Chiefs game style though so his “weakness” wasn’t very relevant.

The Chiefs like to get outside and have a fast paced game-style.

They aren’t a smash mouth run the ball and rely on your defense type of team.

But regardless prob just an anomaly.

lol good lord. Yeah honestly I am not sure.

Could be the worst case scenario with a full blown RBBC situation.

That’s kind of what I would expect as well…if I can muster a win this week that will be a fun Flex decision to make next week…

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