Dang Will Fuller!

Well, I guess it was too good to be true-- sucks.
Luckily I have decent WR depth on my roster.
I guess I should pick someone up- I’m in a 10 team .5 PPR so there’s some decent weapons out there. Top 2 choices would be Landry or Deebo.
I’m leaning towards Deebo and I have 33 dollars left- should I blow it all?

My remaining roster of WRs are:
Allen Robinson
Chase Claypool

Thanks guys!

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Dang, lucky you to have Deebo on waivers!

Iwoudl definitely pick him up.

I know- I’ve been wanting to grab him for a couple days but I couldn’t justify the space on my roster. Couldn’t believe he was on waivers. Hopefully I can grab him.

I think I’d be spending $20 - 25 at least

Thanks- I’m imagining other managers are gonna try to block me so yeah.

Will full of it. Just when you thought you could count on him too… waiting till right after trade deadlines

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Could be worse. You could’ve believed in TY Hilton. Then watched him do something right after you abandoned ship ha. Fantasy is just voluntary suffering


Actually- some opportunistic manager offered me Diggs for Josh Jacobs. I turned it down. I did the right thing right?
My other RBs are Henry, Drake, L Murray and J. Taylor.

Hahaha it really is. What a roller coaster

I’d counter him and see if you can get diggs for drake

Thanks man- that’s a great idea.

What’s everyone else doing?

I’m hosed. I usually have a policy of just about never trading for a QB but I finally broke it after some trading fails. Traded drake + Big Ben for Herbert. RBs are kamara, Conner, Hunt, and Gibson WRs are fuller, mclaurin, Godwin, Moore, brown. Loss of kamara, fuller and Moore will make it tough to win in playoffs

As someone who has Cooks in the Megalabowl playoffs, my initial reaction was optimistic. More I think about it, not sure if the situation for Cooks will be better since he’ll be drawing WR1 coverage now. Kenny Stills no longer there… maybe biggest benefactor could be Randall Cobb?

Dang- my league is pretty dumb- only 2 bids and I outbid the next buyer by 15 bucks. Oh well- I have Deebo now- a much needed roster piece after losing Fuller.

Thank you.


I’d be looking to add either, but I’m probably looking at Landry first. Aiyuk is coming back from Covid and SF does spread it around. Landry is the #1 in CLE and while he might not get the huge games like we just saw, he gets peppered often enough to give him a nice floor.

That said, unless your wire stays open until the end of the season, I’d likely put all of it on both of them to make sure you get one of them.

…and too late :wink:

Glad you got him!

Pity you couldn’t have saved a few dollars but get your guy is the thing in this situation. But might be worth remembering in future season transactions

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