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Dante Pettis


Is this guy just a one week play or can he eventually break into WR2 category


One week play and stash and see for me right now. He’s a rookie receiver and he’s not overtaking either Garcon or Goodwin if they are healthy, but with both SF starting WR leaving the game at times during week one he is worth a hold for a few weeks until you need another play.


Definitely a stash and see, especially with Goodwin’s Injury and garçon’s injury history and age. Plus always a decent dart throw if they have him return any punts or kicks as he was one of the best on returns in college. Plus he was a 2nd rd pick for sf so you know they like the guy.


you mind educating me a bit about Pettis. To be honest I haven’t done my home work. He a speed guy? good hands? know what we might expect tomorrow?


He’s not a big receiver but he isn’t tiny. Great returner in college. He’s got a little shake and is a big play threat. I expect to see him working some across the middle Sunday. He made a nice touchdown catch last week after Goodwin went out. His dad played for a long time in MLB.


yeah I guess where I am stuck is who to roster. Keelan Cole or Pettis… I lost a lot of confidence last week in Cole… The game script may have been the reason, the jags were ahead all game… his long catch came on the 2nd play of the game. After the Jags got the lead they leaned heavy on the run and defense they took zero risks and didn’t try moving the ball down the field. So the upside scares me for Cole.


Cole will be a better season long play I think for this year, but if you need to win now you might want to go with the upside on this one Pettis play. No promise it works out and I actually like Cole more than most if Fornette isn’t playing but I would check and see how the hurricane is going to affect that game.

I’m a Baldwin owner so I need someone now. I dropped Sutton for Pettis and am keeping Cole on my bench for now.


Yeah Cole is a stash until i need him in the roster. I have Courtland Sutton on my bench but I am in a keeper league and I like the fact he has looked good in preseason and okay in week one. I am banking on DT not coming back next year so I want to see how Sutton shakes out for dynasty. I also got Mike Williams on the bench because I think the Chargers are going to want a return investment on their top draft choice last year and he has looked good too. All 3 of these guys are on my bench and won’t make the starting line up unless injury or bye week.


Can you not just pick Sutton back up in a week or two or would he no longer be keeper eligible? I have Conner in a similar situation and he is clearly more valuable both for now and as a keeper candidate so Sutton had to go for right now. Our leagues only keeper rules is that it be one guy on your final roster that was drafted after the 6th round or was picked up on waivers.


I could drop Sutton, but my convictions are strong on him… but he probably would’t be picked up…


My choice was between Sutton or Watkins. I wanted to wait another week and see what Watkins did. His upside is more for this season than Sutton. It wasn’t an easy choice. I had been eyeing Sutton all preseason. I went back and looked at past seasons and except for the one year Sanders was hurt and only started 10 games, the two Denver WRs are usually in there 15-16 games a year over the last number of years with those non starts only coming when they had clinched. Tough road this year for Sutton to be anything but a #3 . I’m hoping I can scoop him up and stash him in a few weeks after my defense has their bye week.


Yeah I completely agree, as the 3 he played 60% of the snaps which is on par of being the third fiddle… I guess I am too stubborn but in your honest opinion. would you rather roster Pettis over Sutton just based on the opportunity alone for Pettis?


I need a start this week. With no Baldwin and a RB heavy squad. Cole or G Allison with a banged up Rodgers against Mn was my best bet on my roster and I didn’t like those odds. So that’s exactly what I am doing. I narrowed it down to Pettis and B Marshall as the two plays I liked for this week. More points are favored to be scored in Vegas on the SF-Det match up. The weather is nice. He’s at home starting his first game as a rookie in the home opener so he’s going to be fired up. Pettis flashed on a couple of plays last week and is going up against a guy that got torched last week. It’s hard to find things I don’t like about the match up.

Honestly, for this year Pettis and Sutton are the same guy. They are both #3 WR on their team as rookies with potential and upside on teams that have emerging offenses, imo. Until they get OPPORTUNITY they are both largely not fantasy relevant no matter how much we like them or how talented they are. They are both guys their teams like and that spent up with draft picks on them.

I personally like Sutton a little better but don’t mind having Pettis at all in that ‘young upside’ spot on my roster, especially if his opportunity is coming sooner. You never know what could happen. If he dominates it could be a whole another discussion come Monday and now you have a guy that would have been fought over on the wire possibly. That could possibly even give him some trade value then, which is something I don’t think Sutton has right now.


well thanks for the good read… I’ll check back with this thread sometime tomorrow and we can chat about the outcome. But I am a stubborn fool because I just can’t drop Sutton even though I should for Pettis.

Good luck with your fantasy!


Looked good early with 35 yards off the bat but turns out I would have fared better just starting Cole or Watkins this week. Live and learn. I still picked up the W on the back of Gurley and Big Ben and now I have the piece of mind of knowing these guys can come through for me. Cole is looking like a possible ‘fire up every week guy’. 100 yards in 3 out of last 5 regular season games and Monreif is banged up now too.


I could’t believe how Cole performed… the Jags played super tight week 1 and they played loose and easy vs the Pats… Cole looked great… Watkins got involved quite a bit too. But sadly Courtland Sutton didn’t do much of anything… so I guess I just keep holding… Mike Williams had a okay day that was capped off by a TD


just something I read about Sutton was his snaps… credit to rotowire

‘’ by RotoWire Staff
(2 hrs ago) Sutton hauled in one of six targets for nine yards during Sunday’s 20-19 win over Oakland.

The celebration was on, but Sutton’s would-be first career touchdown was called back after officials opined that his foot scraped the white prior to establishing possession. There should be more opportunities forthcoming. Sutton ended the game with 54 offensive snaps, the same amount as Emmanuel Sanders. Sutton is not only the established No. 3 in Denver, but – with 98 targets in two weeks – he’s logging starter-level snaps."


Dear RotoWire Staff - Please proof read. You mean 98 snaps in two weeks, not 98 targets.


idk man keenum throws the ball roughly 100-125x a game, 98 targets through 2 is reasonable


Yeah especially for their #3 :stuck_out_tongue: