Dare I bench David Johnson this week?

He’s been better the past couple weeks, but more touchdown dependent. And still not involved in the passing game. I don’t wanna get cute and bench a potential stud, but this game script scares me. I could see the Vikings getting a lead early and AZ abandoning the run game…

Riskier to play him or not? 10 team PPR

I wouldn’t bench him. What are your other options?

Well I was also trying to decide between Hines and now Coleman (Freeman out) for my Flex spot. But I could always play both of them, sliding one of them in over Johnson?

I would still play DJ. But I would try to get Coleman in your lineup as well


Mixon is my other locked in starter.

Vikings run defense and AZ possibly playing behind/abandoning run game doesn’t worry you?

If you have better options, I don’t mind benching him. But he should still be able to get decent touches and maybe a garbage time TD. I’d definitely start Coleman over him with Freeman out but if you can play both, then play both.

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In a PPR league, it really doesn’t. He will catch some passes as well. He seems to get in the end zone nearly every week and it won’t surprise me a bit if he does here too, even if it does come in garbage time.

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I can put Coleman in Flex and bump Hines out of my starting lineup. Then I could start Mixon, Johnson, and Coleman.

That’s what I would do

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I would probably do this. I wouldn’t fight you though if you wanted to start hines given it is full ppr but the risk there is that Jets don’t really put up that many points anyway so not sure if Hines see’s that massive target count he did couple weeks ago.

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Yeah I was kinda worried about that too. I’m a Colts fan and his value is only in pass catching. So with Mack’s return eating into his timeshare and with the Colts wanting Luck to throw less, I could see some regression for him.