Darrell Henderson for Antonio Brown?

So someone in my league wants to offer me Darrel Henderson for Antonio Brown. Is it worth it? I have the stack of Brown and Brady and my other wr’s are Tyler Lockett, Dionte Johnson, Deebo Samuel and Allen Robinson. My rb’s are Austin Ekeler, Joe Mixon, Tony Pollard and James Conner. It’s a full PPR league. Thanks for you input footclan!

With your WR depth and lack of depth at rb thats a pretty good looking offer in my opinion


Would you still do this trade after how Lockett played yesterday? I know Henderson balled out but after Lockett’s performance it has me second guessing it once again.

I personally would make the trade.

Henderson had a rush and rec TD last week. In addition Darnell Anderson’s next 3 games are DET, HOU, TEN. He is in a great smash spot providing he stays healthy.

Johnson is a PPR machine, Deebo is finally playing how he is supposed to. The RB combo of Ekeler, Mixon, and Henderson will be beast mode incarnate.

Imho, you can make up for the loss of AB, depending on how rosters are set up in your league.

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I’d do it, Brown has been solid, but you never know week-to-week what Tampa Tom is gonna do with the ball. You could always shop Mixon or Ekeler high for a RB/WR stack in return.

You do need another WR but I’d want more than AB for Henderson.

Tampa still spread the ball and also depth at RB is worth a lot more this year.

Rams have a good schedule, Henderson is the only guy in town. Could have himself in the mix for a top 12 finish this year if he’s healthy or higher.

What other WRs and RBs does this manger have?

I would do it too. Henderson looks to be a beast rest of season. See if you can flip Lockett for something more consistent to help out losing AB.

Yeah. You do that trade in a heartbeat. Then you package Connor with any of your WR’s and upgrade your WR. Connor and Locket for Chase or Lamb.