Darrell Williams on the Waiver Wire

I am in need of another RB to play.

I have Gore/Singletary, but against that Pats defense I am not sold. With Singletary looking like he is getting healthier do I pick up Darrell Williams and drop Gore for the week? Damien Williams looks like he won’t play.

Only other person I could drop would be Allen Robinson or Dorsett, My WR core is solid and I have Tate waiting to get into his first game.

I mean it’s not a bad idea I also have Derrell and Singletary but I’m benching both and playing golladay in my flex. I wouldn’t play Gore or Singletary against the Pats. Derrell is going to share time with McCoy who got almost all red zone attempts but derrell did beat him on snap counts.

Yeah I need another RB to produce this week. I had barkley and some dude spent way more then I could on Gallman. I think eventually Singletary will get more of the workload, but Williams may be the better choice right now.