Darren Waller or George Kittle rest of 2019 season?

Hey FFB, I have both Waller and Kittle. I NEED a stud WR and am looking to trade away a stud TE. It’s a tough decision but want to hear what your thoughts are. Please let me know who you would trade away and which WR you would trade for (reasonably). Thanks for your help!

Just to cringe - My WRs:
Stefon Diggs
Robert Woods

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you receivers arent the worst I have seen! But who to target depends on what teams need a TE. I think Kittle and Waller are pretty comparable so would be willing to move either knowing the other is solid.

If you are getting the same trade value, i think id rather keep Kittle and trade waller. But… if you can use Kittle’s name and get a bigger trade, id keep waller and trade kittile for someone good.
You have to see which teams are TE needy and who are their WRs… Knowing that you can formulate your trade based on the opponents team.
The players id be looking for are Godwin(bad game last week), Julio Jones(bye this week), Davante Adams(coming back from injury)… And my favorite WR, Michael Thomas, but he is coming from good weeks, it would take a very TE needy team to trade him away… maybe if you give diggs with it

You can also check on hopkins, he seems to be getting better as the season goes on… his last 2 weeks were good

Thanks for the responses, yeah there’s an owner with no TE (Jared Cook on Bye) right now (it’s scarce on our waivers) and I tried trading for Evans, but got denied. Assuming because he’s coming off of that big week.

His WR core
Allen Robinson

I’ll try to trade for those other guys that you mentioned but they might not need a TE.
Thanks again!