Darren Waller Trade

I just got offered the following:

Get: Jimmy Graham and Ronald Jones

Ship: Darren Waller…

I have been trying to trade him. But am I crazy for thinking this trade is insanely bad?

He’s reaching. Neither are really starters for fantasy. They have solid games but nothing consistent. It be a no for me

That’s how i was feeling. I just wanted to make sure i wasn’t living in dream land with Waller and and reality that’s what he’s worth lol. I wanna counter it and try to get Gallup but I know he won’t take that…

I have Waller and Andrews as my TE’s and nobody will trade with me

Are you at the top of the league? Lol

I try to avoid trading with people at the top unless I know I’m upgrading a good spot on my team without losing much.

Terrible trade. Maybe try and package waller with another player for an upgrade at RB or WR.

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I would decline and keep Waller.