Darwin possible start

If Shady and Damien are out Sunday. I have Darwin. You gotta start him, but who do you sit?

RB: Kamara
RB: Carson
WR: Cooks
WR: Godwin
FLEX: Manny Sanders

Cooks possibly?

with Damien out, even if shady plays do you start Thompson?

Cooks or Sanders but only if Shady is out. Do you need a breakout because you are 0-2 or safe play?

Which way would you lean? Cooks/sanders?

And I’m 2-0 but playing the former champ (and one of my really good friends) who’s roster is stacked and would like to get a W!!

None. All are surer starts.

Mines a bit harder ive got Mack plus Darwin and Wilkins. Assuming Mack and the 2 RB’s for KC are out who do you play Darwin or Wilkins

I don’t disagree, but having the chance to start the only chiefs RB (possibly) is tough not to do. Guess I will make a decision based off shadys health.

McCoy is active so go with other options.