Darwin Thompson or Chase Edmonds?

I’m in the handcuff collection business after going 0 RB outside of Barkley who I have as a keeper. I picked up Ekeler and Murray in the 7th and 8th so I’m feeling ok about things for the start of the season anyway.

This leaves me with Jaylen Samuels, Darwin Thompson and Alexander Mattison as my stash RBs. Was I right to drop Edmonds? I just think the other 3 could have at least flex potential without an injury (or in the case of Thompson with an injury to either Williams or McCoy).

I’d drop Thompson too. He’s RB3, he’s no longer a handcuff. He got 1 touch in week one.

I just think in that offense that he’ll be relevant if either of those two go down, which seems like a reasonable bet. He’s definitely next up on my list to drop though if I have a need.

RB waiver options are pretty slim. Best available are probably Dion Lewis, Ty Montgomery, Tony Pollard.

If you are holding onto people with injury upside think Pollard would be a better stash than Thompson. Even if there is an injury in KC Thompson is #2. Pollard is the only backup in Dallas.