Darwin Thompson. Worth the add?

Below is league info and players I drafted.

Dropping anyone to pick up Darwin Thompson off waivers?

10 team 1/2 PPR 1Qb,2Rb,3Wr,1Te,1Flex
Here is my team.
RB- Kerryon, Dalvin cook, D Montgomery, Miles sander, Latavius, Royce freeman, Drake
WR- Keenan allen, Godwin, Curtis samuel, D Jackson, Dede westbrook

I think i personally would drop Drake for him, but itd be close. I actually think Darwin ends up w a decent workload this year.

Yeah I was thinking drake or Freeman maybe… But there all crap shoots I think… But the idea of having a piece of KC offense over MIA or DEN sounds way better

Lmao. Do not drop Drake for Darwin Thompson. If anything you can drop DJax cause start sit decisions with him will be a nightmare.

Suggesting dropping a potential lead back for a satellite handcuff is a bit ridiculous.

Honestly he’s not even really worth an own in 10 man leagues.


im a darwin believer, and a chiefs fan. but there is no reason to have him on a team unless its dynasty, or bestball. we wont know his true value for the chiefs until week 8 i would guess, and im not going to clog a bench spot for a maybe right now. my hope is he turns into a woodhead for the chiefs, but im not going to bank on it especially early. every other player you have has value right now. darwins is all precieved value. i mean, even just look at the chiefs current depth chart. he is the number 4 guy there. now, if hyde gets cut, im getting more interested in him because i think he would jump up to RB2 on the team at that point. but thats not now, so i would pick him up later.