Darwin Thompson

I have the number one waiver spot in our league right now and Darwin Thompson was dropped after our draft. He comes available on the 28th… do I spend that number one waiver claim on him or take my chances and see if I can get him for free. Thanks in advance!

I would do it, personally…but in my league ppl like to get in that first spot and sit on it while the ppl at the back end of the waivers just add drop like crazy. Depends on how your leaguemates play I suppose. If they’re all conservative he’ll likely get to you…but with that much upside i’d go for it. Plenty of season left to get back up the order

Yeah my league ppl like to have that number one spot and the lower guys just add and drop like crazy. I have Cook, Fournette, Montgomery, and Ekeler so I’m kind of hesitant but depth never hurts.

Would you drop Gus Edwards or Jay Ajayi for Darwin Thompson?

I’d drop Ajayi for him in a heartbeat. Unless ajayi winds up as the Texans lead back in some weird scenario by the time those waivers roll through you’ll be setting pretty. I think Darwin will be the chiefs workhorse by end of year.