Davante Adams buy low?

I am 4-1 and Davante Adams owner is 1-4. My team:
QB: Lamar
RB: Aaron Jones, Damien Williams, Miles Sanders, Singletary, Mattison
WR: Evans, Julio, Gallup, Jones JR
TE: Engram, Herndon (need to find a TE this week)

I know my wr’s are strong but am thinking something like Damien Williams for Adams. Thoughts? His main RB WR are Kerryon, Chubb. Adams and Emmanuel. 12 team .5 ppr

He would be an idiot to take that trade.

You might be able to do Jones/Evans/Gallup for Adams.

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I’m pretty sure d Adams has turf toe and m Evans will be better. He does have low weeks (boom/bust) when he booms he goes off

all three of those or two of the three? feel like all three would be way too much. just going off the report that Adams was in street clothes today

I mean 1 for 1 deals, any of those 3 guys would at least not be insulting offers and would have a chance of being accepted. Just depends how high you are on Adams and who you are willing to give up though. Damien Williams for him is a no way though.

ahh gotcha. I mean if he would take Gallup for Adams I would be all over that. Even Jones i feel like is a bit of a sell high with Jamaal Williams coming back at some point.

I wouldn’t trade Jones if I was you. You don’t have any depth at RB.

I wouldn’t trade for Adams. No way the owner sells him for a low ball trade offer, and turf toe is a lingering injury. It’s especially bad for a WR who needs to be able to make sharp cuts.

right. only concern there. if I did Damien/Evans for Adams/Kerryon what do you think there? I also feel like my best decision could be staying put and riding it out

Don’t think they would take that. Evans and Adams are comparable, Kerryon is better than Williams.