Davante Adams/Carson for Lindsay/Mclaurin trade

Hey everyone,
I’m in a 12 person 0.5 ppr league. I wasnt sure if I should try to sell high and buy low by trading my Phillip Lindsay and Mclaurin for their Adams and Carson. I wasn’t sure what everyone thought and wanted some opinions. Let me know. Thanks!

thankfully i have all 4 of these players, but as for the deal I believe that Adams will go off this week and if Penny isnt playing again maybe Carson rights himself against the cards. As for the other side Lindsey feels like a trap game and could not get that much points this week but I really cant say anything bad about McLaurin who seems to be off as a stellar rookie this season. If i had Lindsey and McLaurin i might would hold on to them truly but if you have to move them I would look at aiming maybe slightly higher.

help with mine plz