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Davante Adams for Diggs


12-man ppr, my adams for his diggs

Any thoughts?


I’d rather have Diggs


But he’s hurt?


Nothing that should keep him away. Just a pulled groin.


Anyone else have input before I pull the trigger on this?


If it’s any consolation, Adams went out with Concussion last week, look what he did this week. My point is…slight injuries aren’t always big concerns. Hope this doesn’t steer you wrong buddy!!! Good Luck


If you want something definitive… If it’s a toss up with the players’ abilities in your mind… in my opinion, you always have to side with who is throwing them the ball. Rogers is a stud and loves throwing… and throwing… and throwing! I would stick with Adams.


Not an easy choice. The QB situation is FAR better in G Bay but Diggs is a #1 and they typically see 25-30% more targets vs a #2 WR. I would go with Diggs - do it


Adams, Rodgers > any QB Minnesota can throw out there


Appreciate the input guys.

I’ll wait til thursday to make a decision.