Davante Adams for Josh Jacob trade

Hey guys,
I was just offered davante Adams for Josh Jacobs…I’m currently 1-4 due to some big injuries and was a Saquan Barkley owner. I like Adams more than Jacobs but fear That my running backs might not be great. Here is my roster, just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks!

This is a tough one because Adams is such a beast but I personally never trade RB for a WR.

However, I’m doing it as long as it processes this week. You have a nice stable of RB2’s and the ability to roll out Adams, Godwin and Anderson/Woods weekly would be nice.

You’ll need to try to move Woods, Brown or Anderson for a RB. I would target the Drake, Gaskin, maybe even Devonta Freeman owners to add some depth.

Personally I’d rather have Adams over Jacobs, not to be a homer, but I own both in one league and Jacobs has been mediocre at best. With Adams you at least know that he will without a doubt get the targets, he’s Rodgers favorite option without a doubt. Adams on top of the WR you have would be a deadly combination I think. Plus if you give up Jacobs you’re not missing out on much, you have some good talent in your RB area. Gibson is looking promising and with Edmonds, only time will tell but he’s looking better than Drake!

Thanks guys I think I’m going to pull the trigger…now it’s a manner of trading for a running back

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