Davante Adams for Mixon?

Is this a good trade? Acquire Adams for Mixon… 12 team, 0.5 PPR league. My lineup attached:

Need some advise here clans… is this a fair trade or am I giving away too much?

I think that’s pretty even. Idk if you really need another WR, but if you like Adams better, than make the trade.

I wouldnt do it.

Wouldn’t do it like, Adams is no good or should I try someone else to acquire or trade away?

In your particular case, I dont think you should trust Chubb to give you Mixon numbers and then have to have one of Golladay, Edelman, Julio and Davante on the bench, they are all every week starters.

I wouldnt do it because I wont give up a RB1 for a WR1 on most cases when I can usually get similar production out of lower tiered WRs.

I see it like this


Stay put, you have a good team.

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Ok… that makes sense. Adams owner was asking for Mixon and thats why I posted it here… but I was thinking of offering him Tate and Chubb for Adams.

You are just trying to make moves here. Keep your team as is, its solid.

LOL…I have Tate and Golladay and I need to get rid of one of them as I alway get caught up between the two… which one to start??

Just look at this week… I cant trust myself on whom to start… KennyG or Tate… uggggh!!!