Davante Adams for OBJ & Engram?

Full PPR trade - Would you give Davante Adams for OBJ and Engram? I could also offer Adams for Amari Cooper & Engram. I feel like I have a strong team, but am 1-3 and feel like I need a win next week (Davante on bye week 5).

I dont like that offer one bit. If youre the adams owner i say keep him or try and trade him for julio or ridley

Going for OBJ is just point-chasing and deff not worth it for Adams, so if i had to pick one it would be Cooper. What’s you’re current TE situation, because i don’t think that Engram is enough of an upgrade for you for that to be a good trade. If he had a stronger TE option than Engram and you are hurting in that area, Cooper+ a more reliable TE is not a terrible trade for Adams in my opinion if you are hurting for wins.