Davante Adams Trade Advice in Dynasty

I don’t like doing it but I’m in a major rebuild. Which is why I’m contemplating it. I have 2 rough offers that will change a little bit. Any thoughts are appreciated. If you think either are even worth it. I’ve got Ridley, Adams, and Diggs as my starters with some long term guys on my bench.

For Adams:
DJ Moore
Lev Bell
a pick (not specified yet)

For Adams, Mike Gesicki:
AJ Brown
DK Metcalf
Kareem Hunt

the Brown, Metcalf, Hunt deal is a big winner. Take it.

I don’t hate the other deal either. I’m hearing good things about DJ Moore. I assume you have another TE and can afford to lose Gesicki?

Kittle and Hockenson

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Yeah, you’re fine

What if I get a lower 1st or Jalen Reagor with the Moore, Bell trade? I’m trying to push for as much as I can get.

I would take the established players over the question marks.

You know what Brown and Metcalf can do. You have no idea what the 1st and Reagor are going to be, and you stay younger with Hunt over Bell.

However, if you can get a 1st or Reagor with Moore and Bell, you’re still winning the deal. From there, do what you like. It’s your team, have the fun.

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We are at a 3 team trade and I’m putting in Gesicki and Adams to get Hunt, Metcalf, and Hunt.

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That’s such a hot trade man, I’d be drooling to do that for my team if rebuilding.

We got it done. Thanks for the input. My lineup stinks this year but I have Dobbins and Vaughn from this year. Adding Hunt will give me hope to have RB starters next year. Now Ridley, Diggs, Brown, and Metcalf as my WRs. Along with Harry and Shenault, I think I can focus on RB and QB next draft.

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Not a bad group. If you get a couple of surprises you can maybe compete this year. Definitely a solid lineup for 2021 and beyond

Id take that 2nd one for sure. For some reason I always try to get a pick in the deal as well.

I agree on the pick. I was able to get a 2nd my 2nd for next year back from him. If I don’t do well this year, it will be a consolation prize.

That’s my hope. My RB group is week this year but I like my chances after building that. I have several firsts next year so I hope I can get that figured out.