Davante Adams trade question

Should I trade Davante Adams for Keenan Allen, and Tarik Cohen? New to this very excited!!!

You have the #3 WR with the a top-3 QB throwing to him.

You want to get rid of him for the #28 WR and #20 RB. Keenan will go up, but he very well might stay out of the top-10 Rest of Season while Melvin Gordon is doing so well.

Tareek Cohen had 2 great games and 3 crappy games. And he will not be the redzone back. He’s tiny compared to Jordan Howard, even with Howard’s fumble last week. Howard has too much history being amazing to have cohen take over.

To me, this one is clear as day: Keep Adams. I dont believe Cohen will be much better ROS than say Gore. But like I said, I’m low on Cohen. I owned Cohen and Howard last year and I rode cohen high, but he is too inconsistent.