Davante Adams?

What are other owners doing with Adams I see a lot of low low rankings having him essentially a WR4 for the week, He comes across to me as player you always start but then again I haven’t seen any updates on his toe injury so maybe that’s more serious than I thought.

Tough to start him this week since he plays Monday night. Unless I see really encouraging reports that he will most likely or definitely play you have to sit him, unless you have another GB or Detroit receiver who you can put in his place if he’s inactive Monday.

I have him and don’t think I’ll end up playing him unless it’s a 100% confirmed and I still may not.

Would love some news. Been trying to trade for him but don’t want to shoot myself in the foot

Don’t think he’s worth trading. You won’t get what he’s worth at this point. Just have to hold and hope he does well when he comes back.

I honestly dont know what hes worth this season. He was under performing on a Packers team that seems to like to run the ball more than anything so I don’t think hes worth as much as he was last year but hes not worthless so he’s got us all in a weird spot. I’m 0-5 so I kind of sort of need him to be performing like A wr1 not just a 1 week explosion like against the eagles which was arguably his only serviceable game. Week 2 was alright too I suppose but even week 2 wasn’t as productive as I’d expect of Adams being my First round pick at the end of the first round.