Davante/Lewis for David Johnson/Woods

Should I trade away Davante/Lewis for David Johnson/Woods?

Some background:
12 man PPR
David Johnson would become my best RB (I have Mack/Chubbs/Ingram)
I also have DeAndre and JuJu for WRs

Should I just ride out what I have for playoffs and keep two WR1s ?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP (I’ve literally never traded people until this season…only waiver-wire pickups in the past)

I’d stay pat or look for another trade. Adams is the best player in this trade. Ride your massive WR advantage to a strong playoff push.

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I think stick with what youve got.

You have 2 WR1s already, and some RB2s which is pretty nice in Ingram and maybe Mack/Chubb depending on weekly matchups. No need to give up a WR1 for DJ who as talented as he may be, is on a mystery offensive scheme right now

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