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Davante Parker - Keeper Question


Weird question. I’m in a (standard, 10-person) keeper league and sh*t the bed last year. I’m going through my roster to see who I want to keep, and the only one standing out is Davante Parker.

He was picked up on waivers last year, and obviously didn’t stand out, but with Cutler he may yield some fantasy value. In our league, if we keep someone we picked up on waivers, they take the 14th slot.

Should I keep him? Let him go and redraft if he’s available at the right time/pick?


What do you mean 14th slot? They take your 14th overall pick or they take the place of your 14th round pick? Who else is in consideration for keeping on your team?


If you’re asking if he’s a keepable player in general, the the answer is yes. If you’re asking if you, in particular, should keep him, then that depends. What are your other options? What would keeping him cost you?


Yeah would like to see your other options (even if they suck) to help assess the best course of action.

To answer your question though, I think Parker has value especially with Cutler and if its your 14th round (aka last pick of the draft) that you give up for him I think that’s very worthwhile.